Lesley, West Ealing

We have wonderful green space which was so important during the lockdowns. Maybe there could be a celebration of parks through different art forms?

Philip, Ealing

It would be amazing to reflect Ealing’s rich history with the origins of Rock and Roll by having a permanent music venue attracting musical artists of all styles

Kai, Acton

I’d like to see initiatives that inspire young people to turn waste into art

Andrea, Northolt

Support artists to create a vibrant art scene, offering empty spaces as exhibition spaces! Use our wonderful parks to create annual festivals and events

Muna, Acton

Should the Borough win an Opening Ceremony celebrating the diverse cultures in the Borough would be good

Sebastian, Greenford

Food Art promoting healthy diet and art would be fantastic idea

Neelam, Southall

Indian drums and dancers would be really good.

Majid, Perivale

Build a recreational space for celebrations inside one of the green spaces of Ealing. 

Eddie, Hanwell

Art galleries, nature activities and competitions (grave bike, running etc), photography fairs, graffiti artists, and murals.

Chris, West Ealing

A venue where people know that they can go out and have a good old sing-a-long in a safe, comfortable and community friendly environment.

Thank you for your support.

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